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some of Chelseas and some of Janes and some of mine - mmm...Delicious

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March 25th, 2006

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02:02 pm - some of Chelseas and some of Janes and some of mine
01. Opening Credits: 6:00//Dream Theater
02. Waking Up: Everyday//Goodshirt
03. Average Day: Blowing Dirt//Goodshirt
04. Falling In Love: Rushes//Darius OR If God Made You//Five for Fighting
05. Love Scene: Real Love//John Lennon OR Why don't we do it in the road!?//Beatles
06. Fight Scene: Another Dimension//Liquid Tension Experiment
07. Breaking Up: Move on//JET
08. Incredibly Deppressing Love Song: Swimming Upstream//Ra
09. Getting Back Together: We can work it out//Beatles
10. Secret Love: Confessions//Usher
11. Deep Thought: Across the Universe//Beatles
12. Make Me Dance: I like the way you move//Bodyrockers
13. Last day of School: In the Summer Time//Mungo Jerry
14. Friendship: Two of us//Beatles
15. Christmas: Christmastime//Paul McCartney
16. Gaduation: Graduation//Vitamin C
17. Empowerment: Give Peace a Chance//John Lennon
18. Life Getting Better: Here Comes the Sun//Beatles
19. Sleepy: I'm so tired//Beatles
20. Religious: Surrounded//Dream Theater
21. No Words: Icarus//David Darling
22. Driving: Drive my car//Beatles
23. Stupid Mistake: Look what you've done//JET
24. Political: Revolution 2//Beatles
26. Party Scene: Helter Skelter//Beatles
26. Regretting: It's too late for goodbyes//Julian Lennon
27. Leaving: There are places//Beatles
28. Ending Credits: Let it Be//Beatles


1 week until Dream Theater!!!
Current Mood: busyhomework
Current Music: Set it off//Peaches

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