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concert - mmm...Delicious

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April 2nd, 2006

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10:10 pm - concert
The Dream Theater concert was yesterday! 
    Me and Spike rode the train into and out of the city with suprisigly not much difficulty, (considering we were alone).  When we found Radio City Music Hall, the line stretched around the building and three blocks long.  Our seats were in the last row (which was about the same distance to the stage as we were at Paul, if not closer).  Anyhoo, I felt really out of place because 1) they were all guys, and mostly 40yr old die-hard fans.  2) the only girls were the obvious "I'm only here because of my boyfriend" ones. 3) neither of us were wearing Dream Theater attire like the other 2000 people......who knew that many people liked them nontheless heard of them!?!  And finally, I was wearing an Abercrombie shirt I noticed.  I am sooo metal material. 
    The concert was a 20th-anniversary performance, which I hadn't relized before we got there.  It was better then I had expected because I thought they were just going to play tracks from the newest album, Octavarium, but they went back to 1989 and played all the good old stuff.  They even went back to when the band was called Majesty, and I hadn't heard any of those songs.  They played a lot from the album 6 degrees of inner turbulance, (one of my favorites) like goodnight kiss and solitary shell.  That made my day, especially because I had just told Spike how awesome it would be if they played that.  They also played vacant, from train of thought.  They only played three songs from Octavarium, which was good because it's not one of my favorite albums.  It was so much better then I'd imagined, and it was fun to see Spike as excited as he was.  The encore was his favorite song, Metropolis Pt. 1 so he was insanely excited.  Also, because we were in the way back, we could stand up and dance and sit on the back of our seats as much as we wanted.  It was fun. 

I should probably be writing one of the two papers I have to do this week, or sleeping because we got back at like 2am, which then made it acctually  3am.  stupid daylight savings time.

The UN trip is this week with my church, I'm leaving wednesday afternoon through saturday morning.  I can't wait, it's gonna be fun.
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: Solitary Shell//Dream Theater

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