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Babysitting HELL - mmm...Delicious

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July 11th, 2006

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03:01 pm - Babysitting HELL
this is my summer update. for all of you who care.

Okay, so I've been doing lots and lots of babysitting. I acctually really like the triplets. They're a lot to handle, but they're soooo cute. They're three years old and their names are Tommy (Thomas), Harry (Harison), and Aiden.

-TOMMY is the loud most testosteron-i (that sounds like a type of pasta) of the boys, and he likes to bite. hard. He's the oldest, and also wears only blue. and he wants to be a cop. and he wears a cop hat. it's adorable.

-HARRY is the cutest. He wants to be a fireman and his favorite color is purple. He has a lot of trouble staying away from the hot grill. He thinks he's going over to put out the fire but he ends up touchig it and burning himself. He's also the roundest, which adds to his cuteness. He's fairly well behaved and he often helps me know what everybody likes so I know what to do. Also, when Tommy and Aiden are hitting and having "kiss fights" (where they kiss each other by pushing their lips together until someone falls off the bed or gets hurt), Harry is sure to tell me that HE would never do that, and if he did, he WOULD say sorry, because HE'S nicer then the other brothers.

-AIDEN is the youngest and he likes pink. He thinks he is Hercules because he likes saving people. So we (one of his mommys, Robin, and I) thought that they could all go and be in perfect professions: a cop, a fireman, and a doctor. Then Aiden picked up the worms in the driveway and squeezed their guts out. We decided he can't be a doctor.

Yesterday the triplets came over to swim and Tommy jumped in to me and he was all snotty, and when I lifted him up out of the water to hold him, he had snot dripping down his face. Then he looked up at me and said "I love you" and gave me a nice big snotty kiss on the lips and then swam away. blech.
Harry isn't a good swimmer, so we put a floaty on his back and he calls it his motor. Aiden jumped in so many times the water level has gone down.

God I love them.

They also have a sister, who is 6 and named Emily. She's really whiny and annoying. Like last week, we were all playing with stuffed kitties and riding bikes, and Harry had a backback that he wanted his stuffed kitty to go in while he rode. He also but Aiden's toy dagger in it. So while he was putting the black kitty, named Fire, in it; Emily asked if she could put her kitty, originally named Howell after their last name, in it too. Harry said no, and Emily kept screaming
"Saraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Harry's not sharing!!!"
And I was viewing what was going on, so I told her,
"Emily, you know the rules, if Harry found the backpack he gets to play with it."
She nodded, but then she asked Harry if she could just see the bag. Harry said
"but you cant put that in here!"
She said she wouldn't, but as soon as she grabbed the bag she started putting Howell in it. Harry tryed to grab the bag back, and Emily burst into whiny tears and screaming about how she wasn't going to keep him in there and wah wah wah I'm the only one who knows how to share. God, she's annoying. She's the kind of kid who, when one of the boys isn't giving her her way, she pinches their cheeck really hard and demands it again. Then when they hit her, she cries to me about how they hurt her and she thinks I didn't see her pinch them. She's so bitchy. And I hate it when she whines and cries in her moody little voice. She also goes and pinches herself and tries to blame Tommy. She's soo much worse then the three of them together. I've given her more time outs then Harry and Aiden combined. And about the same amount as Tommy. UUURG!

Anyways, I'm waiting to see if they call me to make me babysit today. God, I hope not. I'm really not in the mood now. Besides, Hannah said I could come over before we go to Allison's. And I want to.

Yeah, so also, On the 3rd, I went with Mrs Pottasch and Hannah to get Allison from the airport. We suprised her. Then we slept over at Allisons and went our seperate ways for the afternoon of the 4th, and I went out to lunch with Spike for his birthday. Then we saw each other again at Josh's and I went into the city with Allison on the 5th and slept over at her appartment. And I hung out at her house for awhile after we got home from the city, before going home because she was meeting her Spanish sister, Julia. She's going to come to school with us for a couple weeks and stay with Allison. I'll get to meet her tonight.

And yes, I plan on spending every waking second with Allison now that she is home.
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